Octopus Breaks – UBB (Street Beat)

Octopus Breaks  UBB (Street Beat)
Breakbeat Lou, Bronx Legend, Drums, Lenny Roberts, Octopus Breaks, Steady Bootleggin, Street Beat Records

In the early 80s more and more DJs started to look for records with break beats. One hotspot for these early diggers was Music Factory on 43rd and Broadway at Times Square in New York City where a record buyer / sales person called Stanley Patzer accumulated and shared encyclopedic knowledge of the in demand records for the new art form of Hip Hop DJ’s. His friend and fellow record seller at Downstairs Records) Leonard “Breakbeat Lenny” Roberts took the most in demand tracks and released them (sometimes edited by Louis “Breakbeat Lou” Flores to extend the break) on a total of nine bootleg compilations called Octopus Breaks.

OK let’s set the record straight on this series. The Original Octopus Breaks better known as Break Beats with image of the various colored octopuses and the fake address of Hollywood Florida. These records were bootlegs of original recordings of funk, soul, disco and even rap recordings and were made in New York by the late Bronx legend “Break Beat Lenny”.

Lenny pressed up 8 volumes using the Octopus logos and later switched to his Street Beat Record logo with the different artwork. If you compare the etchings in the dead wax they all say Break Beats or BB in the wax (Octopus logo versions) and the Street Beat series use the exact same etchings as they are the exact same master plates As I get time I will update this section with photos. The rarest Octopus version is Volume 4 in which a limited run had the rare rap tune Get Up and Go To School by Pookey Blow which appeared on Tri State Records. The octopus breaks were NOT the first bootlegs lenny did… one of his earlier boots was on Sure Shot Records where he pressed up Long Red by Leslie West, he did these around 1981 (He also pressed up 45s earlier than that).

Ultimate Breaks & Beats – Vol. 1 (Side A)


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