Lord Finesse – A Bronx Tale (Unofficial)

A Bronx Tale (Unofficial Tribute to Lord Finesse) Unreleased EP

Basically, I was working on a tribute based on some mid-90’s material, however I had some issues right before the release (promo pressing).

BX 03
So, here’s the deal : the following cover « A Bronx Tale » is actually an Unofficial Release *like I said previously, I had a conversation with Richard Smith – Slice of Spice
Underboss Management – based on some legal issues (unauthorized exploitation of the name, logo and image of Robert Hall Jr), it must be like 4 or 5 months ago …
Robert Hall Jr and S.O.S didn’t allow me to pursue this project … but everything is cool.


Due to popular demand and some positive feedbacks, I think I’m gonna drop the following LF remixes in order to make ’em available to all the beatheads – thru an audio and file formats – (platform such as soundcloud, bandcamp etc…) for free of course. **w/o the BX TALES cover.


Bronx Tale (Intro) > http://soundcloud.com/thesixmilliondirhamman/bronx-tales-intro

SKITS (Remix) > http://soundcloud.com/thesixmilliondirhamman/lord-finesse-skits-unofficial

Stay tuned……


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