FINSTA & BUNDY – Sunnyside b/w Spirit Of The Boogie 12"

Finsta & Bundy – Sunnyside b/w Spirit Of The Boogie ’96

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change
I’ve been away from tha spot since … not a longtime ago, even if I try from time to time to keep an eye on it whatever ! I’m back again and take this piece in ya face Finsta Bundy or Finsta & Bundy nah mean ! cuz’ some actual listeners still thinkin’ that there’s one dude behind the name … here it is the classic “Sunnyside” plus the “Spirit Of The Boogie” on the B-side, 1st side is produced by Rich Blak from Da Beatminerz (remember back in the days it was : Baby Paul, Rich Blak, Chocolate Ty, Mr. Walt & DJ Evil Dee aight ! the good ol’dayz) Enjoy !!

A1 Sunnyside (Radio Mix)
A2 Sunnyside (Rich Blak Street Mix)
A3 Sunnyside (Instrumental)
B1 Spirit Of The Boogie (Radio Mix)
B2 Spirit Of The Boogie (Bushwick Boogie Street Mix)
B3 Spirit Of The Boogie (Instrumental)
Produced by Finsta & Rich Blak [Da Beatminerz]


Label : Big Willie Records

Peace / Salaam



9 thoughts on “FINSTA & BUNDY – Sunnyside b/w Spirit Of The Boogie 12"

  1. “if it ain’t finsta it must be bundy” (lady apache – rock & comeen [rap remix])

    J’espere que tu as le “feel the high” bro !

    Keep it up ! pzzz

  2. gr8 record!! i actually started collectin indie-wax with this gem here n finsta bundy always be my top acts in this game!
    btw: record been dropped in 1993 already(!) – was the first wax FB released (of course except the 91 solo-joint finsta baby)…

  3. First thing sorry for the delay I’ve been away from the spot since 1/2 week … anyway thanx to all the daily diggers for the support and glad to see that the work is appreciated

    Peace Y’all

  4. I actually produced this single and most of our singles. Rich Blak did a mix of it but I actually made the beat. As well as most of the singles. The only ones I didn’t produce was, Bomb Shit, Bizm, Boogie Spirit, & Feel The High pt.2.

    FINSTA of FinstaBundy

  5. All right ! I did a mistake so I apologize – I thought Rich blak did the beat cuz’ his name appears on the A-side (the Rich Blak Street Mix) .. damn ! it’s an honor to receive some words from the Man that we call “Finsta” – Thanx for all those classics .. still waitin’ for some new joints Bro’ .. keep on

    Peace / Salaam

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