DAVID MATTHEWS – 1977 – Dune CTI 7-5005

David Matthews – 1977 – Dune CTI 7-5005

Funky spaciness from one of the 70’s best arrangers! The set’s a largeish orchestral work dedicated to Dune and other sci-fi books and films. Sounds goofy, but it’s pretty darn great — and Dave Matthews takes his work with James Brown and makes the whole thing come out pretty darn funky. Includes the massive “Sandworms”.

A1 Dune Part I: Arrakis (6:03)
A2 Dune Part II: Sandworms (5:03)
A3 Dune Part III: Song Of The Bene Gesserit (2:50)
A4 Dune Part IV: Muad’Dib (6:36)
B1 Space Oddity (6:05)
B2 Silent Running (3:16)
B3 Pricess Leia’s Theme (From Star Wars) (2:55)
B4 Main Theme From Star Wars (3:22)

This obscure CTI album is the source of the killer sample cut ‘Sandworms’, as used on several major-league hip-hop tracks. Forget the rest of the (mainly disco-esque) cuts and head for Sandworms. It’s funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter (as Nina Simone once sang) and will blow the roof off your bass bins!

David Matthews gathers an incredible collection of artists to collaborate on interpreting the sci-fi masterpiece, Dune. Some of the greatest in the field add their flavor to Matthews’ vision. Jazz fans will be delighted to hear Grover Washington Jr., David Sanborn, Eric Gale, Hiram Bullock, Randy Brecker, Andy Newmark, Steve Gadd, Mark Egan, even a young Will Lee riffing. The music style is dated, but true fans will enjoy!

Grab it here Dune CTI 7-5005 [Rs] or ova here Dune CTI 7-5005 [Ss]

Includes :

“The PJ’s” 11 years later after “The Mad Scientist”, Pete Rock worked again with “Dune” Amazement !

Produced by Pete Rock (2007)

Pete Rock – The PJ’s (feat Raekwon & Masta Killa)

N.B. : See also the previous post dedicated to Large Pro including “The Mad Scientist” from the 12″ dropped in ’96.



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