Channel Live – Mad Izm b/w Reprogram 12” 1994

No need to introduce Channel Live with this great classic released in ’94 featuring the BlastMastaTeacha a.k.a. Krs One – which was remixed by Buckwild (also a classic for the hiphop headz) – all you got to do is simply listen it … and don’t forget to catch the sample ! Enjoy

“Spark the izm, my expertism, is lyricism
My flow will take you over, like I was hypnotism
So where’s the lighter, to decipher, the skills that I’m bringin
hyper than a little kid on ginseng roots …”

1 Mad Izm (Radio Edit)
2 Mad Izm (Instrumental)
3 Mad Izm (LP Version)
4 Reprogram (LP Version)
5 Reprogram (Instrumental)

Produced by KRS-One
Mad Izm b/w Reprogram 12”

Label : Capitol Records

original sample (right click / save as)

Firefall – Strange Way


7 thoughts on “CHANNEL LIVE – MAD IZM b/w REPROGRAM 12”

  1. I think we all miss those times … snif ! from ’92 up to ’98HipHop was considered as a culture nowadayz it’s like a fastfood music (eat s#it)-

    Peace bigsd

  2. hey fanatik,
    u r absolutely right. i´m 34 now and i also think the best time for hip hop was 92 to 97. i grow up with that. and i see the differences between then and now. for me hip hop is a state of mind. kids today don´t know what´s real hip hop is. if somebody asking me what kind of music i hear, then i say: “only real rap music from da nineties.” i can not identify with that fake shit from the current time. i´m a 100% fan of that old east coast sound…that boom bap era. i´m glad that you and other hip hop fanatiks exist to keep that old rap alive…like krs one said…bring it back that old new york rap…word
    fanatik…keep rockin´
    peace from bigsd / germany

  3. First of all ” mad shout out ” to bigsd and thanx for givin’ ur time to wrote this comment – same thing for me dude … days past … and somtimes I’m talkin’ like an old timer even if I have only 25 years whatever ! I really miss this golden era when HipHop used to be so competitive, there were no compromission, everybody was tryin’ to sound different from others (Gang Starr Foundation / Pete Rock & CL / D.I.T.C … ) now it’ fuck top man I don’t why have hiphop takes this way !? … but there is also some good elements curently in this rap game like Kev Brown Edo Sean Price …


  4. I totally agree Dirty Waters, it’s my favorite version. Damn ! Buckwild used to be so tight on remixes (Big L “Put It On” / Gemini the gifted / Artefacts / Special ED ” Lyrics ” Hot as hell !!!!! ) and many others …


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