“FABID is the last but not least to come out of the original Gang Starr Foundation”

Straight out of East New York, F.A.B.I.D. is comprised of The Honorable H. Stax,the lyrical genius on the mic and master mind Mike Rone a.k.a. Black Man on Deck on production.
H. Stax shined on the past two Gang Starr albums, and he’s still down with Preemo, as his crew Fabid is releasing their debut single on Works of Mart. Preem handles “Proper Dosage” with Boy Big on the hook,with Mike Rone producing “It Iz What it Iz” on the flip…
Label: Works of Mart

A Side
A1 Proper Dosage (Clean)
A2 Proper Dosage (Dirty)
A3 Proper Dosage (Instrumental)
Produced by DJ Premier

B Side
B1 It Iz What It Iz (Clean)
B2 It Iz What It Iz (Dirty)
B3 It Iz What It Iz (Instrumental)
Produced by Mike Ron

F.A.B.I.D.: “Family, Art, Brotherhood, Integrity, and Devotion, is the acronym”.


2 thoughts on “FABID – PROPER DOSAGE 12”

  1. FABID is their new name,
    the old one was FABIDDEN FRUIT,

    they were signed on Payday/IllKid,
    via Guru, and did release also some stuff round 95, other than featuring the JAZZMATAZZ vol.2.

    Nice pick, anyway 😉

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